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Fort Miller Announces New Partnership with ceEntek!

November 30, 2020

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Big news!

November 30, 2020 Press Release:

Singapore, SG / Greenwich, NY:
We are pleased to announce a new Licensing Agreement and strategic partnership between ceEntek Pte Ltd and The Fort Miller Co., Inc.
This new relationship will develop a collaborative business model in which ceEntek will provide its Carbon Nano Fiber (CNF) enhanced technology and Next Generation UHPC 2.0™ know-how to Fort Miller for the exclusive purpose of manufacture, supply and install of Precast Ultra-High Performance Concrete Waffle Deck Panels and other structural components in New York State. The collaboration of ceEntek’s technology with Fort Miller’s expertise, experience and strong presence in the NY area bridge market will facilitate the development of these competitive new bridge components.

The impact of heavy truck traffic, yearly freeze/thaw and de-icing salts cause ongoing deterioration to bridge decks. The resulting damage and maintenance of bridge decks is a major cost to the operation of the highway infrastructure. Manufacturing a precast UHPC waffle bridge deck panel provides a lightweight, sturdy and durable solution for the deteriorating bridge infrastructure.

Stay tuned for exciting things to come from ceEntek Pte Ltd and The Fort Miller Co., Inc.