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Fort Miller Bridges Installed at Logan Airport

August 24, 2020

by Josh French  |   in Uncategorized  |   Comments Off on Fort Miller Bridges Installed at Logan Airport

Over this past weekend (August 21 – 23, 2020), the joint venture contracting team of Bond Brothers, Inc. (Medford, MA) & SPS New England, Inc. (Salisbury, MA) successfully installed four of our prefabricated bridge units on the entrance roadway of Terminal ‘B’ at Boston Logan International Airport.

Having a span of 77-ft, the installed bridge units taper in width from over 49-ft to just under 41-ft. The bridge units were produced with varying depth steel girders. The two fascia units each weighed 61.5-tons and the two interior units each weighed 64.5-tons.

Each of the four bridge units were produced in our Easton, NY fabrication facility and delivered to the project site using specialized hauling equipment.

Photos courtesy of Bond Brothers & SPS New England.