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Fort Miller Precast at Historical Surrender Site

January 31, 2020

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Revolutionary War Saratoga Surrender Site:

Located just a few miles from our precast facility and south of the Village of Schuylerville New York, the Saratoga Surrender Site memorializes British General John Burgoyne’s October 1777 surrender of his army to American General Horatio Gates after the Battles of Saratoga. The turning point of the Revolutionary War, this surrender went on to shape world history.

Fast forward 243 years later when the Historic Hudson Hoosic Partnership, Open Space Institute, and Friends of the Saratoga Battlefield memorialized the surrender by building a beautiful park at the site.

As shown in the below photos, Fort Miller had the pleasure of supplying the precast substructure seat walls and main plaque wall. Once the precast was set in place, stonemasons created the works of art that exist on the site today.