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Fort Miller’s Bridge Wins 2019 Annual Bridge Award!

December 02, 2020

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-Bridge Owner: Washington County, NY Department of Public Works

-Designer, Construction Support & Inspection: Greenman-Pedersen, Inc

-Prime Contractor: Kubricky Construction Corporation

-Precast Facility: The Fort Miller Co., Inc.

The ENY Association for Bridge Construction & Design presented County Route 113 over The Batten Kill, in the Town of Greenwich & Easton, as the 2019 Bridge Award Winner.

The existing bridge, also known as the Clarks Mills Bridge, was a 298-ft long three-span concrete arch erected in 1916. After a service life of 100 years, the bridge exhibited signs of deterioration with portions of the concrete parapet missing and exposed reinforcing steel starting to corrode along the entire fascia. The new bridge has three 88-ft clear spans with a total length of just under 300-ft. The new abutments and piers were keyed into bedrock to resist thrust; and the arch headwall and concrete u-walls were treated and stained to increase the aesthetic appearance of the replacement bridge. A total of 84 precast pieces (48 arch units and 36 headwall units) make up the replacement bridge superstructure.

Please visit the ENY ABCD Website for additional project information and photos.