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Schuylerville, NY 12871

Pier 55 – Little Island

Owner: Hudson River Park Trust / Pier 55, Inc.

Owners Rep: Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Architechts / Engineers: Mathews Nielson / Standard Architects / Heatherwick Studio & Arup

Pier 55 is a brand new 2.4-acre park being supported on a total of 132 one-of-a-kind precast concrete piers positioned out over the Hudson River. This new park is located on the lower west side of Manhattan along Route 9A near the Chelsea Market.

Each of the 132 inimitable precast concrete pots consists of 5 petals surrounding one center column head; not one petal is the same. To overcome the unique manufacturing challenges presented by this project it required collaboration among three companies within the Fort Miller Group; The Fort Miller Co, Inc. (precast concrete), Access Anvil Corp (foam milling and forming), and Tymetal (steel connection plates). In over 70 years of business this was truly one of the most unique precast projects taken on by Fort Miller.

Slated for completion in the spring of 2021 this park over the Hudson River will provide visitors with green space, walking paths, rolling hills, and a waterfront amphitheater to host world-class arts. Fort Miller is proud to have been a part of this landmark project and to push the limits of precast to new concrete heights!

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