P.O. Box 98
Schuylerville, NY 12871

“Big Dig”, Boston, MA

Owner: Massachusetts Highway Department Central Artery Tunnel

Contractor: Modern Continental Construction Co.

Designer: Bechtel-Parsons

The Inverset bridge application is located on the “Big Dig” project in Boston, MA. It is the third contract on this project that utilized Inverset as a bridge structure to facilitate special traffic bypass patterns. This bridge accommodates extremes in vertical and horizontal curve geometry and does not require an overlay. A unique feature attributed to the Inverset bridge system on the Central Artery project is that the units are designed so that when they are disassembled, they can be used in permanent structures throughout.

This photos illustrate the Inverset system’s ability to accommodate a horizontal curve with a cross slope greater than ½ in. per ft. The photos also show the joint pattern and elevation match that allows Inverset to be used without an overlay. Modular erection also minimizes the time that construction personnel are exposed to the hazards common to urban construction.

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