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Grand Central Terminal Caverns

Owner: Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

Contractors: Tutor Perini Corporation

Working for Tutor Perini Corporation, we completed the fabrication of over (3,300) structural and architectural precast concrete elements (mezzanine beams, upper level beams, groin ribs, deck panels, platform panels, wall panels, smoke exhaust panels, and stairs) for The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) “Grand Central Terminal Caverns – East Side Access” project in Manhattan, NY. “East Side Access” is a public works project designed to bring the Long Island Rail Road to a new station below the existing and historical Grand Central Terminal.

Our in-house engineering staff completed a total of (462) custom shop drawings for (313) unique precast component mark-numbers. All precast elements were poured using (28) different types of wood and steel forms, most of which were fabricated in-house.

All precast elements were fabricated in our Easton, NY yard and delivered via flatbed trailer on approximately (1,300) loads to a storage yard in Queens, NY (180 miles away). From the storage yard in Queens, the contractor delivered each unit inside the cavern where it was installed with a crane, piece by piece. From a logistics standpoint, building this train terminal within an existing mined cavern is like building a ship within a bottle.

These photos represent just a few of the thousands of precast elements we fabricated. White and gray concrete mixes along with smooth and sandblasted finishes were utilized to fulfill the architectural requirements of the project. To see and learn more about this project, please visit the MTA’s website.

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