P.O. Box 98
Schuylerville, NY 12871

Horseshoe Bridge, Catskill, NY

Owner: New York State Department of Transportation, Region 1

Contractor: Eastern States Construction

Designer: New York State Department of Transportation, Region 1

In December of 1988 New York State DOT, Region 1 pioneered the use of Inverset in the Northeast at this picturesque location on Route 23A in Hunter, NY. This mountainous highway was the main access to the nearby Hunter Mountain Ski Resort. This type of superstructure was chosen due to the urgency of replacing the original bridge in a very short period of time.

Installed as a “temporary bridge” in just 21 days in 1988, the deck of this bridge is in good condition, and the bridge is now considered to be permanent. The 1992 addition of local Helderberg bluestone wingwalls further beautified the bridge. This is an outstanding example of the effectiveness of the DOT’s context sensitive design effort.

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