P.O. Box 98
Schuylerville, NY 12871

New York Ave. over RR Tracks

Owner: Washington D.C. Department of Transportation

Contractor: Fort Myer Construction Corporation

Engineer: T.Y. Lin International

Post-tensioning Supplier: VSL USA

New York Avenue over various railroad tracks located in northeast Washington D.C. was in need of replacement, but the multiple and very active railroad lines below limited the time and access for construction activities. T.Y. Lin International developed a precast concept which maximized the amount of deck area that could be installed in the short construction durations allowed by the railroads. Precast panels were designed with large cantilevered over-hangs, requiring the panels to be post-tensioned at the plant prior to delivery. The precast panels were delivered to the jobsite and the panels were placed perpendicular to the new structural steel girders during night-time operations by Fort Myer. Once the joints between panels were grouted, the panels were post-tensioned in the direction of traffic and the shear studs installed and the stud pockets and haunches grouted. Cast-in-place curbing, barrier, and an overlay were then placed to complete the bridge. There are 66 panels in the westbound lanes and 56 panels in the eastbound lanes for a total of 122 precast concrete deck panels.

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