P.O. Box 98
Schuylerville, NY 12871

NYSDOT Salt Storage Structures

Owner: New York State Department of Transportation – Regions 5 and 9

Contractors: Reale Construction, Inc. (Site Work)

Kirst Construction, Inc. (Site Work & Erector)

Lewis Crane Service, Inc. (Erector)

Cover-All Building Systems (Roof System)

The need for reliable, safe, easily installed and economical storage facilities for NYSDOT’s winter salt program drove the design of these unique salt storage buildings. The first contract bid by NYSDOT required the construction of seventy-two buildings during the winter of 2003. The second contract bid through NYSOGS for DOT in 2004 called for twenty buildings to be installed in 90 days. The latest contract, bid in 2005, required the construction of five more structures throughout New York State.

An improvement incorporated in the latest contract was to provide a liner on the inside of the support truss system as well as the outside. The inside liner provided protection for the structural steel and created an air space between the inner and outer layers.

A complete precast substructure including structural precast foundations, buttresses and walls supported the galvanized steel truss and stressed membrane roof.

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