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Precast Deck Panels

Precast concrete deck panels can be designed to be fully composite with the supporting steel girders. Panel sizes are manufactured as required with through pockets or “hidden pockets” – depending on the owner’s requirements, to accommodate field installed studs. The grout is installed from the top of the deck to fully engage the studs.

Panels can be post-tensioned at Fort Miller to address handling and erection stresses and, in some cases, are further post-tensioned in the field to maintain the deck in compression from one end of the bridge to the other end, even in negative moment areas over piers. This product can significantly improve durability and service life as compared to cast-in-place decks. Ultra High Performance Concrete has been developed that eliminates the need for post-tensioning. This approach has been utilized on many bridges for the NYSDOT Accelerated Bridge Program.

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