P.O. Box 98
Schuylerville, NY 12871

Eastern Ave. over Kenilworth Ave.

Owner: Washington D.C. Department of Transportation

Contractor: Fort Myer Construction Corporation

Engineer: Greenhorne & O’Mara Consulting Engineers

Limited under-clearance of The Eastern Avenue Bridge over Kenilworth Avenue resulted in the support girders being struck by vehicles on several occasions. The bridge not only needed to be replaced, but the under-clearance had to be improved. Greenhorne & O’Mara developed a bridge design that accomplished this. The bridge units spanned from abutment to abutment and were supported at mid-span by precast piers. This concept allowed the stringer depths to be reduced considerably without changing the profile of the bridge or the roadway beneath, saving DDOT significant time and money. Fort Myer placed the precast piers and prefabricated bridge units during weekend and night-time closures. All work was performed at times that had the least impact to the traveling public. There are 16 piers and 14 prefabricated bridge units. Planters and curbing were cast-in-place after the bridge units were erected. The deck was also topped with an asphalt overlay.

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