P.O. Box 98
Schuylerville, NY 12871

The Hills at Hunterdon

Owner: Orleans Home Builders / Hunterdon County, NJ

Contractor: Nick Porchetta Contracting Company

Engineer: Taylor Wiseman & Taylor

The T-WALL® retaining wall complements the precast arch structure that was installed to allow the builder to develop this area for residential use in Lambertville, NJ. The precast arch structure is approximately 40’ wide x 12’-4” high and the retaining wall above the arch supports over sixteen feet of fill material. The pipes located about half of the way up the wall facilitate drainage.

The T-WALL® units were manufactured with an architectural, stacked rock form liner to blend with the surroundings. A picket fence lines the top of the wall to add to the residential feel of the area. The curvature of the wall face was easily accommodated with the T-WALL® solution.

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