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December 09, 2020

by Josh French  |   in Uncategorized  |   Comments Off on SUPER-SLAB TEST-FIT A SUCCESS!

Recent photos of our field crew at our Easton, NY facility test-fitting (dry fit mock-up) our precast concrete Super-SlabĀ® pavement units. These slabs will be delivered and permanently installed to form a new roundabout on Laburnum Avenue in historic Richmond, Virginia. The roundabout has a diameter of approximately 57-feet. The project is a Virginia-DOT project and the general contractor setting the units in the field will be Jireh Construction Co., Inc.

Besides the dusting of light snow on the slabs – the colors vary slightly due to the age of the slabs (some slabs were recently poured while others are several days old). The variation in color will disappear as the slabs age.

Our Super-SlabĀ® product is available in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Contact our office and let us help YOU start your project. We will work with you and assist/provide you with standard specifications, details, and drawings.