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Why Precast?

Primary Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Include:

Enhanced Product Quality

  • Product is manufactured in a controlled environment
  • Dimensional control is improved through forming methods
  • Inspection and acceptance is completed before shipping

Ease and Speed of Construction

  • Product is produced before field work begins
  • Product enables accelerated schedules
  • Installation is not dependent upon weather
  • Traffic-friendly installation—work is performed during off-peak hours

Minimized Financial Risk

  • Price is known FOB at bid time
  • Price remains firm throughout the project

Reduced Life Cycle Costs

  • Higher quality means longer life
  • Durability derived from controlled manufacturing process

Improved Work Zone Safety

  • Less work executed on site
  • Fewer trucks and less equipment on site
  • Less exposure for workers and the traveling public
  • Minimized traffic disruption and congestion

Reduced Environmental Impact

  • Reduced construction equipment means lower emissions
  • Debris and waste stream is significantly reduced

Custom Solutions

  • Unique shapes and surface treatments are easily manufactured in a plant environment

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