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Your Imagination is our Only Limitation

The Fort Miller Co., Inc. has provided quality precast concrete products to the construction industry since 1948. Some facts about Fort Miller are:


  • Employs 200 Associates during the peak construction season
  • Multi-degreed Engineering Department with 6 Professional Engineers
  • Management team has over 140 years of combined industry experience


  • Fully automated NYSDOT certified concrete batch plant
  • Over 250,000 square feet of fully enclosed and heated production space
  • A 20,000 square foot rebar fabrication and storage facility with an automated shear line
  • Indoor lifting capacity of 85 tons
  • Outdoor lifting capacity of over 100 tons
  • Over 300 acres of finished product yard storage capability


  • ISO 9001 compliant
  • Consistently rank at the top in quality as measured by the NPCA and PCI Plant Certification Programs
  • 8 ACI Certified Quality Assurance Technicians for Test, Lab and Compression testing
  • Quality Assurance Program is managed by a Licensed Professional Engineer


  • Workers Compensation Experience Modification Factor .81 compared to the average of 1.0


  • 13 patents have been issued to the company
  • Most diversified structural precast concrete producer in the Northeast
  • Ability to pre-assemble bridge units to field geometry prior to delivery
  • Privately held and US owned and operated
  • Numerous awards and certifications
  • Produce our own sand and stone at our Fort Miller Aggregate operation
  • State-of-the-art QA/QC laboratory
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Fort Miller evolved from a company founded in 1939. Our operations began in a small wood-frame building in Fort Miller, NY on the Hudson River, 12 miles east of Saratoga Springs. To this day, the business remains a family-owned, privately-held company under essentially the same ownership that purchased the business in 1948. Throughout the past 65 plus years, Fort Miller has expanded its offerings to become one of the most diversified precast concrete producers in the country. From septic tanks in the 1940s to the addition of precast steps and residential septic systems in the 1950s, Fort Miller was building its foundation for today’s market positioning. Listening to the customer and responding to market trends became early attributes of our company. In the 1960s, municipal septic systems began to replace individual septic systems and Fort Miller adjusted accordingly, while adding precast manholes, catch basins and other environmentally friendly products to address market needs. These products remain in our product mix today, as do the products introduced a decade earlier. In the 1970s, the highway building became important to Fort Miller as the marketplace requested alternatives to cast-in-place construction. Fort Miller began to produce highway median barrier, box culvert and retaining wall products. In the 1980s, Fort Miller successfully enhanced its product lines again. A complete line of highway barrier products, more retaining wall systems and bridge products were added and Fort Miller began to produce custom structures to offer contractors a complete precast package for infrastructure projects. With all of the products produced in the decades before the 1990s still in our mix, Fort Miller made a major commitment to the bridge market. We added a full range of bridge offerings to supplement our standard and custom box culverts. These additions included three-sided bridges, concrete-steel composite bridge systems, lightweight bridge deck replacement systems and many more. We also added more retaining wall systems, and complex custom structures. Our focus was to provide the market with a family of products within major product groupings. This marketing strategy allows the owner, designer, engineer and contractor a full range of products to address rapid, “overnight,” “over-the-weekend,” “Invisible Construction” infrastructure needs. On-going product development led to the production of the first segmental bridge ever used in New York State and Spaan Span low profile bridge system. Our vision is to keep moving forward as we listen and innovate. As we state often, “your imagination is our only limitation.” By listening to the marketplace over the last 65 years and today, Fort Miller has distinguished itself as a premier precast producer in the Northeast, consistent with our goal to be recognized as the best in the business. ^ Return To Top

Vision Statement

Consistent with our Philosophy Statement, The Fort Miller Co., Inc. is committed to provide value-driven, innovative, quality products, on time, at a fair price, which will enable us to grow our business and set industry standards. Our focus on safety, quality, and service will make us the “best in the business.” ^ Return To Top

Philosophy Statement

The purpose of The Fort Miller Co. is to create an environment where all associates can experience satisfaction while striving to optimize the long-term economic value of our assets. Our actions are driven by the marketplace as we listen to our customers and respond to their needs with zeal. We collectively and individually anticipate, understand and effect change as we provide customers with quality products and customized service. Our aim is simply to be the best. Everyone associated with our company will be treated with dignity and respect. Our company will allow individuals the opportunity to work safely and in harmony with each other while developing and improving their skills and creative talents. The impetus for our company’s success will be our collective vision and dedication to innovation. Our company recognizes the need for cooperation in order to succeed and strives to build long-term relationships with associates, customers, suppliers and the community at-large. Our business decisions and our inter-personal relationships will be guided by the highest standard of ethics and morality. Excellence is the measure for all our actions. ^ Return To Top

Company Goals

In order to assess our progress in conjunction with The Fort Miller Group Vision Statement and Philosophy Statement, we have five measurable goals:
  • Safety as measured by achieving Zero lost time incidents.
  • Quality as measured by achieving Zero rejects or reworks at our customers’ sites.
  • Profitability as measured by achieving a defined gross profit percentage.
  • Market Share as measured by being the “Best in the Business”.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Think and Act GREEN.
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Fort Miller is pleased to share some of the awards and certifications we have received for noteworthy achievements. Each has been derived from our desire to be recognized as the best in the business as we partner with owners, designers, engineers and contractors to make projects successful.


NPCA Certified PlantFort Miller has received the Quality Award of Excellence (6) times in the last 10 years, twice receiving perfect scores.   Fort Miller has received the Quality Merit Award (3) times in the last 10 years. Fort Miller has been an NPCA certified precast plant since 1989. **One of the top 3 scores in the country is awarded the Award of Excellence** **One of the top 25 scores in the country is awarded the Merit Award** **There are over 400 NPCA Plants in the United States.**
PCI CertificationFort Miller has been a PCI certified precast plant since 2007.  
American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA)“In Recognition of Outstanding Design and Construction for Route 7 Crosstown Arterial Reconstruction/Resurfacing in Towns of Niskayuna, Rotterdam and City of Schenectady in Schenectady County, NY.”  
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)The Super-Slab® Precast Pavement project for the New York Thruway Authority for the reconstruction of I-287 and the Tappan Zee Toll Plaza, Tarrytown, N.Y. was selected by AASHTO as one of the most promising “new” technologies to be promoted throughout the country.  
American Concrete Institute (ACI)American Concrete Institute Awards for Excellence in Concrete   Fort Miller has received (8) awards for Excellence in Concrete in recent years for multiple bridge projects and custom structures.
US Department of Transportation Federal Highway AdministrationThe May 25, 2006 Issue of the Federal Register included a Notice summarizing the details of the HFL Program. In Section 3, “Proprietary Products and Processes”, the Super-Slab® System is specifically mentioned as being “eligible to be considered as innovative practices to speed construction and minimize construction caused congestion”. The entire Notice can be read at http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/hfl/innovator/issue13.cfm  
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